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Michael Jackson is Back: Ardent Fans Demand DNA As MJ’s Look Alike Is Spotted



mj look-alike

Have you seen this MJ’s lookalike?! When you do you could almost swear it is Micheal Jackson the King of Pop and fans are not taking any chances as many are demanding he does a DNA test to prove he’d not Micheal Jackson.

The MJ impersonator is Sergio Cortes, a professional Jackson impersonator from Spain. He often tours and plays tribute shows dedicated to the legendary singer and dancer.

Many fans are convinced that Cortes isn’t actually Cortes at all, but is actually Jackson, who they allege faked his death in 2009.

Cortes recently posted on his Instagram page, announcing a Thailand tour date and telling Jackson fans to prepare for an awesome tribute show. In the video, the Jackson hit “Thriller” can be heard in the background. Cortes, who is a dead-ringer for Jackson, received quite a massive social media response to his video, but not for his tour dates.

Many posted comments on the video demanding to see a DNA test to prove Cortes isn’t Michael Jackson. One comment with hundreds of likes reads “Oh my god, you’re not Sergio Cortès, you’re Michael Jackson. Someone get his DNA.” Others echoed the sentiment, airing conspiracy theories that Jackson faked his own death to get out of the limelight.

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