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Meet The Star Queen Of Longrich By Keem Abdul

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Dubbed the ‘Mother of Network Marketing in Africa’ by networkers around the continent, Longrich now has its first black 5-Star Global Icon, Mrs Titilope Ejimagwa. In her journey so far, many things set her apart from many business tycoons, one of which is her dedication to touch lives and meet the needs of the masses. This is one thing many business people lack – they are concerned with how to make money and enrich their pockets. Whether or not it is bringing enough value, they would care less.


Titilope joined the networking business in the 90s and in the last 22 years, she has garnered over 10 million Nigerians and made them invest in several networking businesses. She is a seasoned entrepreneur with a keen eye for opportunity, which has led her across many Network Marketing organisations.


Titilope studied Physical and Health Education (PHE) at the Lagos State University. She majored in Physiology and graduated in the early 1990s. Titi was a willed and strong lady who had to cater for herself through school. Imagine a lady who would travel down to Cotonou to purchase earrings and other jewellery to sell in school. This was her means of survival and this must have been how she harnessed her networking skill.


Have you noticed that most people who had to see themselves through school, or choose to never be dependent on others, possess some super qualities that set them apart from others? Mrs Titilope is an excellent example of this. In 1997, her small jewellery business became unstable, so she sought other means to generate income. Eventually, she heard of a product called NONI, got some cartons freely and started selling it. This business was successful for 2 years before the government banned NONI from the market.


It wasn’t an easy journey. Even though she had saved up a little, she didn’t have enough to move into another business. Thankfully, a friend introduced Titi to a man called Baba Oloko. It was this man who lent her N150,000 at zero interest rate to start up a proper multilevel business. She started selling Forever Living Products (FLP) and this was the beginning of her business success.


One could assume that the multilevel business kingpin had it easy, but was this the case? Certainly not. Titi could not find the perfect audience for her product. People she had thought would support her business did not but she did not relent. No matter what you face in life, resilience would always give you a profitable ROI.


Titi kept advertising her product but sales weren’t good; along the line, she travelled to Kainji to meet her friend and the husband. Her journey was almost futile until her friend’s husband directed her to the Assistant General Manager of their office who was just recovering from an accident. You know how people act okay in the sight of medication, just to avoid using them? He did the same thing. According to Mrs Titi, an ‘angel’ came at the nick of time to demand the drugs, and this made the assistant GM so jealous that he bought all of her goods.


A lesson you should pick from the ‘Mother’ of Network Marketing in Africa is how she doubled the price of the product immediately jealousy set in. This goes to say that one must be ready to make use of opportunities as they come. If you don’t, then you may lose out on once-in-lifetime opportunities. From that deal, she made a N350,000 return on investment (ROI) on the money she borrowed from Baba Oloko.


While in FLP, Titi rose from the bottom to senior manager but she left in 2001 because business was slow. This was when she moved into Tianshi and Longrich in 2004. She was also with JEL, Greenworld and now Longrich, the No 1 Multilevel Marketing business in Africa.


She soon became the first ‘black’ 5-Star Director as she became a vital figure in the Longrich Hierarchy. Aside from increasing her own riches, she has contributed to Longrich’s position in the Multi-level Marketing industry in Africa and the world.


Titilope Ejimagwa is an accomplished multi-level network marketer with over 22 years of expertise. She has joined many networks but for every network she joined, she built them from the ground up. It is amazing how it grows to inconceivable heights. She has worked with six different multi-level network marketing organisations.


She started Longrich from the ground up in Nigeria. Because of her, it is recognised in Nigeria and internationally. Presently, she is a 5-star Director, the highest degree in network marketing in Longrich. She is recognised as unstoppable, optimistic, and a goal getter toward life. She is currently the number one in Africa and the fourth in the world.


According to Titi, life is a challenge and one must trust in God for the strength to succeed. Strength and progress can only be obtained by consistent work and struggle. The reality is that we all suffer difficulties, and you never know what a person is going through unless he or she genuinely reveals it to you. Growth is neither automatic nor unavoidable but there can be no development if there is no battle. Indeed, courage is the most important of all virtues because without it, we can’t practise any other virtue. And when it doesn’t look like it will work out, choose to try again tomorrow.


The correct path is not necessarily the most popular path. In fact, it may seem like the hardest. A daring decision to be a lion for a day will undoubtedly yield a change in your life, business and growth. This is the strength of her growth and we can all hold on to it.

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