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This Nigerian President – Olawale Olaleye





President Muhammadu Buhari is by every definition an error of choice, which happened on the country through intentional and collective stupidity – largely so. But that’s no longer a concern for a majority of the people.

At least, many are now convinced his lack of capacity for everything and anything is innate and of course, irredeemable.

What is, however, considered the real tragedy are those privileged to see his helpless failings from many vantage positions but still stick to their guns at national expense.

“We dey with Baba”, they often glibly say, even though they will all pay for their hypocrisy and immodesty in due course. Narcissistic lot!

The current state of play is nothing but Darwinian and it cuts across all levels. When leadership lacks empathy, it has nothing, ultimately. Even worse, a colourless and uninspiring one.

What you see now is the same Buhari of yesterday, today and forever. He changes not and delights in who he is. He’s incorrigibly self-serving!

His government isn’t just broken, it is damaged for good. This administration embodies failure, unenviably. It is grand! Posterity is, in fact, bewildered at such crass incompetence.

How do you even deal with an arrogant, emotionless, rigid, yet, inane leadership? There may be nothing esoteric about governance, certainly, not with a clueless and aloof leadership.

For the Buhari presidency, there’ll be no untold angle to its stories of many misadventures. The opportunities missed are deliberate. Rather, it will end up with a familiar footnote: A Disaster Foretold!

President Buhari, the bitter truth is that any support for you at this time, from whatever quarters, is utterly misplaced, unpatriotic, a national disservice and unforgivable. Indeed, it is punishable in the hereafter.

You’ve had all the time, opportunities and privileges to change the Nigerian story, but sadly, you just couldn’t give what you do not have.

Going forward, only Nigeria deserves all the prayers, not the Buhari leadership.

Isn’t it pertinent to therefore ask: for how long shall the country and her people continue this way, even post the Buhari presidency?

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