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ENGR. (DR.) OLUBUNMI PETERS: Celebrating a Life of High Purpose & Profound Impact By Keem Abdul 

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The heights that great men attained, said a wise soul long ago, were not reached by sudden flight. For the truly successful, it is often the result of a process involving focus, faith, planning and consistent hard work. It is usually the outcome of the meticulous and sometimes painstaking application of time-honored principles of success that have marked the journeys of individuals, families, communities and nations. These principles may be deemed  ‘old school’ in this era of changing values and  shifting moralities, but their very timelessness (and adaptability to our changing times) offers more than enough vindication, at least in the long term. 

In a society where the quest for easy success and instant wealth has become a consuming obsession (especially among our young people, but also among older folk, including people in positions of authority, who should offer better examples), men like Engineer (Dr.) Olubunmi Peters stand out, not just because of the heights they have attained, the resources they control, or the tangible and intangible wealth at their command, but also for the industry and commitment to excellence that they epitomize. 

At 70 years of age, Dr. Peters can rightly look back on what has been, by every possible measure, an illustrious career and a successful life with no small of pride and gratitude. 

Dr. Olubunmi Oladeinde Peters is a man that wears many entrepreneurial hats. Widely acclaimed by key corporate stakeholders as an excellent and thoroughbred professional, and a consummate manager of human and material resources, Dr. Peters boasts of almost four decades of experience and the application of knowledge and expertise garnered in both the United States of America and his home country, Nigeria. 

The holder of a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso, and a Master’s degree in Highway Engineering from California State University, Los Angeles, California, both in the USA, Dr. Peters enjoys a reputation as a specialist in engineering economy, especially as it borders on properly-constituted infrastructure development, management and maintenance initiatives. 

He was, between the years 2006 and 2009, the Managing Director/CEO of the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) – a role in which he served meritoriously, and set an exemplary template in sustainable road management in Nigeria. His departure from the public service in 2009 – via his retirement from the services of FERMA – was not just the end of a phase, it opened up a new vista of possibilities and opportunities (as well as the challenges that come with them) for him, as he parlayed his wealth of experience and leadership skills on a business career that has since become a reference-point for players in Corporate Nigeria and beyond. Over the course of an eventful business career, he has sat on the boards of directors or trusteeships of reputable organizations such as Roads Nigeria Plc, Prepaid Medicare Services Limited (on whose board he served as Chairman), Covenant Securities and Asset Management Limited (where he also served as Chairman), CEC Africa Investments Limited, the First Central Credit Bureau Limited, as well as Shaw University at Raleigh in North Carolina, USA, among others. He has also served as a  representative of ICIB and BP Investments Limited,  a diversified, multi-sectoral holding company.

A platinum membership holder of the prestigious America Express credit card since 1980, Dr. Peters has maintained a perfect credit score history with that venerable institution since 1975.

As the Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at the North South Power Company Limited, and also as Chairman of the First Central Credit Bureau, in particular, Dr. Olubunmi Peters demonstrated the mettle that has cemented his place among Nigeria’s most respected corporate and community leaders. At the North South Power Company Limited, his dynamic and visionary leadership was instrumental in the growth and evolution of that company into a constantly-expanding pan-African elecricity generation company with a diverse and emerging portfolio that has recorded impressive feats in striving to keep pace with the growing demand for reliable and affordable electricity supply on the African continent. Under his guiding hand, North South Power Company Limited has stayed true to its ambitious global vision, which is to provide reliable and sustainable energy to its extensive and diverse customer base through the most efficient means as a key necessity for the economic growth, as well as the enhancement of public health and security needs of the continent. Not only has the company become a continental industry leader under Dr. Peters’ leadership, he and his team have positioned it as the frontrunner in the race to provide clean, efficient and sustainable energy to millions of customers across the length and breadth of Africa for the foreseeable future. In fulfilling this commitment, the company has maintained, against formidable odds, its fidelity to its core values – namely, an unwavering focus on safety, acting with integrity, and honoring commitments, as well as teamwork, excellence in service delivery, and the sustainable management of its power plants for use in perpetuity. 

Dr. Peters’ leadership prowess has being demonstrated to no less effect at the First Central Credit Bureau, where he has served as Director. Nigeria’s first (and only independent) licensed credit bureau, and  an institution authorised by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to collect and collate credit information on individuals and businesses with the purpose of creating credit reports and scores, First Central Credit Bureau has, since its inception in 2007, demonstrated unusual efficiency in fulfilling its major functions – namely, the compilation of credit reports for individuals and businesses, among other obligations. 

A man of multidimensional interests, Dr. Peters is also the Chairman of the Green Lock football club, which recently undertook a highly successful training and playing tour of Turkey, while also entering into partnerships with its hosts, which, going forward, would enable the team and its new Turkish partners to share resources, knowledge, and expertise in the realm of football.

Such is the passion of this great man that, like ancient King Midas, whatever he touches turns to gold – be it in the area of engineering, or power generation, or credit management, or even the beautiful game of football, or any of his multiple other areas of expertise and interest. It will be safe to say (as many who know him ARE saying) that it is this brand of dynamic, visionary and innovative leadership that our society and nation are in dire need of – especially at this critical period in our national life when we are beset by so many challenges and tribulations crying out for wisdom, creativity and political will. It is a brand of leadership and stewardship that is sorely needed in this era of rapid transformation characterized by changing socio-economic paradigms that are increasingly defining how we live, how we work, and how we interact with one another, as well as by potentially disruptive new technologies and techniques. Needless to say, policymakers at all levels of governance will do well to actively seek out this man in a bid to enjoy (and apply) the benefits of his wise counsel. 

This writer has certainly benefited greatly in this regard, as have many others who have been privileged to encounter this giant of a man. Though diminutive in appearance, Dr. Peters towers by virtue of his intimidating brilliance, as well as his ability to see where others don’t, and to make connections between seeming unconnected concepts. He is a man who dines with kings, but has not lost the common touch, even as he constantly pushes others who are less accomplished to be better, and to strive for even higher heights than he has attained. 

As he enters the seventh decade of his illustrious sojourn on this mortal plane, it will also be safe to say that the last has not yet been heard of Engr. Dr. Olubunmi Oladeinde Peters. 

May his days be long and happy, and may he enjoy the fruits of his stewardship in good health and high spirits. 


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