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Asiwaju, Osinbajo, Amosun and Dapo Abiodun –   By Akanni Oladimeji Balogun

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In race towards the Ogun APC primaries in 2019, Amosun had pocketed all the 40 elective offices which he announced publicly via “Breaking News” at the presidential lodge in Abeokuta. Initially Dapo Abiodun was supposed to be given the Senatorial ticket of Ogun East under the 40/40 arrangement of Amosun but along the line, things fell apart between the two.

Dapo Abiodun got Osinbajo and Kemi Adeosun involved but they tried endlessly to make peace but a Amosun whom power has absolutely corrupted, decided to drag his old time friend Dapo Abiodun in the mud. At this point, Dapo Abiodun himself vowed to go for the number one seat himself to show Amosun that before he ventured into politics, he had already won an election as a Senator in 1998 under UNCP. This was what led Dapo Abiodun to Asiwaju Tinubu, Gbajabiamila and YAYI.

For those that you don’t know, DA in company of Adeeyo in 2015 led Amosun to the palace of Awujale to beg Akinrogun Osoba so that Amosun can have a smooth 2015 election. The same way Amosun prostrated at the hilltop home of OBJ to beg Baba Adebutu to shut his vault against GNI so he can also have a smooth 2015 election…. All these people are still alive!

Dapo Abiodun approached Asiwaju and Gbaja because he was aware that the YAYI structure was a formidable one and he needed that structure to fight Amosun. DA got Asiwaju to pave way for him at the national level. Asiwaju was practically moving up and down for DA to have a successful primary against an Amosun who had 100% party structure. In all these, the VP was not in the picture yet! This was why Amosun kept on ranting and made several newspaper publications accusing Asiwaju and Akinrogun of rigging the primary in favour of DA.

Now this is where the story gets interesting….

Amosun being close to Buhari made several frantic visit to the villa to get the President to direct Oshiomole to overturn the primary that produced DA but he made a fundamental flaw, Amosun refused to participate in that primary which the party Chairman had pointed out to the President.

Now, the VP came into the picture….

DA was also disturbed and needed a backing right inside the presidency. He approached the VP who truly tried his best until a point where Buhari was pressing Oshiomole so hard. At this point, the VP does not want to get into the bad books of the President and he approached Oshiomole. The VP suggested that the primary should be conducted again. Words of the VP to Oshio got to Asiwaju which of course infuriated Asiwaju. Asiwaju only urged Oshiomole to stand his ground. It was successful at the end of the day!


Another interesting part was when DA himself approached the Osinbajo that he will be needing funds for the election and he would be needing the support of the VP. This didn’t go down well with the VP. The VP again and for the last time approached Oshiomole that if there is any way names could be substituted to give peace and bring Amosun’s candidate who has financial back up on board but the chairman refused vehemently. Words got to Asiwaju and Akinrogun Osoba again whom both at different times provided a total financial war chest of over N2bn!!! Yes you heard me right over 2 BILLION NAIRA!!!

Akinrogun Osoba through Corporate Sector Support (CSS) also got DA a financial support of over N1bn!!! While Asiwaju via Oshimole officially released N800m for DA’s election. The VP only actively gave support during the election when every other things has been sorted by Asiwaju with Yayi’s providing structure. Osinbajo was only in charge of the security architecture. He actually played that part so so well.

So when the VP came to meet delegates and party stakeholders in Ogun State in April, DA for whatever reason chose to rewrite history and decided to throw past genuine efforts into the dust bin. He said to the delegates and party stakeholders that the VP was the reason why he’s a Governor today while denigrating his main benefactor, and he’s saying this because he’s aware that some of the delegates and stakeholder have AMNESIA!(in his word).

For every action, there is always an opposite reaction. Asiwaju needs to set the record straight. He’s human. He feels betrayed. This same steadfastness of Oshiomole on this DA’s primary cost him his position. That’s a huge sacrifice for the Governor to rubbish. “Eleyi” is one of the least ways Asiwaju could have used to describe someone that threw sacrifices of so many into the thrash can without even blinking!

This is politics! Osinbajo didn’t contribute a dime! The only name Oshiomole forwarded for political appointment was thrown into the thrash bin by the Governor. That person is a politician from Ogun state too. This was one of the major reasons why Amosun also destroyed Adeosun.

Lastly, before anyone reacts to Tinubu’s statement in Abeokuta, be sure you know the story behind it. The fact!

Yoruba will say “Isoro ni igbesi”.



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