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Urban Shelter – A Foundation Unbeatable By Keem Abdul

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A person’s home is not just a place to lay their head at night; it is a sanctuary where one can escape the stresses of the outside world. A beautiful and functional home has a significant impact on a person’s quality of life, allowing them to feel secure and comfortable in their own space.

 For businesses, having a purpose-built and high-quality property is not just a matter of aesthetics, it can also have a significant impact on their bottom line. A well-designed and well-maintained property can attract more customers, improve employee morale and productivity, and even increase the overall value of the business. Companies often invest significant amounts of money in their properties to reflect the values and qualities that their brand represents. They carefully select locations that are easily accessible and provide high visibility to potential customers. 

In addition to location, businesses also place great emphasis on the design and ambience of their properties, as these factors can greatly influence customers’ perception of the brand. This is why many companies hire professional architects and designers to ensure that their properties are aesthetically pleasing and functional, with well-lit, inviting spaces that encourage customers to linger and engage with the business. The impact of a purpose-built and high-quality structure is far-reaching, and companies that invest in their properties are often rewarded with increased sales, customer loyalty, and a positive reputation in their communities.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to decent housing, which can lead to a cycle of poverty and substandard living conditions. Urban Shelter, therefore, understands the critical role that housing plays in people’s lives and is dedicated to providing high-quality homes that meet the needs of its clients. The company believes that everyone deserves a home that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, with spacious and well-designed interiors that create a sense of peace and harmony. 

With their expertise and commitment to excellence, Urban Shelter is working to ensure that more Nigerians have access to the kind of homes that will improve their quality of life and help them achieve their dreams.

When you drive by a building you consider eye-catching, do you wonder what it took to turn a grass-filled plot into an elegant living space? Ever wondered how to achieve your dreams of a residential or commercial property? 

Meet Urban Shelter, a company that specialises in making those dreams a reality. As a premier property development company, Urban Shelter is known for its innovatively-designed development projects that not only create beautiful spaces, but also improve the surrounding community. 

Property development is the transformative process of turning virgin land or existing structure into a property of higher value by adding improvements or making changes to it. It involves a wide range of activities that requires the input of various professionals, such as the acquisition of land, obtaining planning permissions, designing, financing, constructing, marketing, and selling or leasing the developed property. The goal of property development is to meet the needs of the market and generate profit for the developer through the desired increase in the value of the property. Expert developers like Urban Shelter design according to market trends and buyers’ tastes to guarantee quicker matches between buyers and properties. The desired property could be residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed-use developments, what matters for them to be well-built for purpose and priced right. These factors underlie Urban Shelter’s continued success, and their commitment to providing affordable housing solutions to Nigerians, which is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves a decent place to call home. 

Furthermore, the company understands that housing is a fundamental human need and a critical factor in achieving sustainable economic growth. As such, it has taken on the daunting task of bridging the housing gap in Nigeria, providing homes for thousands of families across the country.

Founded in Nigeria in 1991, Urban Shelter has become one of the leading property development companies in the country, with a portfolio of over 7,000 housing units and commercial properties curated in over thirty years in the industry. Urban Shelter is experienced in creating a wide variety of properties that meet the needs of diverse clients. The company has continually supplied residential and commercial properties to millions of people in Nigeria, Dubai, and West Africa; Urban Shelter is at the forefront of actualising the foundational aims of the Abuja metropolis. In a country with severe funding shortfalls in nearly all sectors, Urban shelter has a vast reserve of resources and extensive experience that enable it to efficiently plan, develop, and manage properties for individuals, private organizations, and state and federal government establishments. Some of Urban Shelter’s completed projects include Bellavue Residencies, Life Camp, The Hill Residencies Guzape, Dawaki, Brick City Valley, Kyami District, The Promenade Estate Logokoma, Urban Shelter Residencies Garki, Apo Urban Market, Kubwa Market, Garki Ultra Modern Market and Asokoro in Abuja. In Lagos, they have Urban Shelter Living at Oniru and the Urban Shelter Estate Ajah among others around the country and beyond.

Urban Shelter stands out among other property development companies, and is renowned for its steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence. What truly distinguishes Urban Shelter from its competitors is its unmatched ability to bring together a diverse range of skills and expertise in real estate, architecture, engineering, finance, marketing, and project management.

Likewise, the company’s dedicated team of professionals work cohesively to provide top-notch services and client experience. Urban Shelter’s meticulous approach to every project is one of the company’s key strengths. The company collaborates closely with clients and stakeholders, taking the time to understand their requirements in detail. This approach helps Urban Shelter design spaces that surpass expectations, fulfilling every client’s needs and delivering beyond their wildest dreams. The company’s team of architects, engineers, and designers employs cutting-edge technology and techniques to create practical, efficient, and visually stunning spaces that are built to last. Urban Shelter walks the talk when it comes to ensuring access to adequate, safe and affordable housing in West Africa. Before its annual award ceremony for outstanding staff, the company demonstrates its commitment to sustainable Development Goal 11 by organising and participating in a “Walk For Housing Development”. Urban Shelter is not just a property development company; it is a force for good in the real estate sector. With its innovative solutions and forward-thinking approach to property development, Urban Shelter has established a reputation as a leader in the industry. The company’s dedication to excellence has earned it the trust and respect of its clients, stakeholders, and peers in the sector.

Urban Shelter is widely recognised for its unwavering commitment to community engagement and sustainability initiatives. The company acknowledges that every development it undertakes has a significant impact on the environment and the local community. To this end, Urban Shelter has made it a priority to create spaces that benefit both the environment and the community. The company collaborates closely with local stakeholders, including residents, government bodies, inspecting agencies, public utilities and professional bodies, to ensure that their projects align with community goals and needs. This community-centric approach has earned Urban Shelter a reputation as one of the most socially responsible property development companies in Nigeria and beyond. In addition to its community engagement efforts, Urban Shelter places a high value on quality in every aspect of its design and construction process. The company uses durable building materials, efficient technologies, and sustainable energy sources to reduce the environmental impact of its developments. Moreover, Urban Shelter’s dedication to sustainability is not just limited to the environment but extends to the social and economic well-being of the communities it operates in. The company creates job opportunities for locals, provides affordable housing solutions, and partners with local businesses to spur economic growth. This way, Urban Shelter is playing a pivotal role in addressing the housing deficit in Nigeria, where there is a shortage of between 15-28 million housing units. Despite the challenging economic climate in the country, Urban Shelter continues to push forward with innovative and sustainable solutions, positioning itself as a leader in the property development industry.

Developers and buyers in Nigeria have been struggling with loans with high-interest rates and restricted mortgage facilities, which make it practically impossible for those in the informal sector, who make up about 70% of Nigeria’s workforce, to purchase homes. The exorbitant mortgage rates available to those in the formal sector reduce their purchasing power, making it challenging for buyers to offer reasonable prices for their preferred properties. In addition to high mortgage rates, the property development industry is also grappling with constant spikes in the cost of building materials, which are prone to inflation woes and exchange rate fluctuations. The process of acquiring land for development and obtaining formal documentation is equally complex, requiring substantial investments in capital and dedicated labour. Despite these challenges, Urban Shelter remains committed to providing quality housing solutions to Nigerians. Its years of experience stand it in good stead to forecast and mitigate policy changes, increments and inflationary trends. The work Urban Shelter does is, indeed, a labour of love. It is taxing work that must be done because Nigerians need more homes as the population continues to spike.

Nigeria’s housing deficit is legendary, confirmed by statistics that show the country has the lowest homeownership rates in the world. According to estimates by the Federal Mortgage Bank, the housing deficit is at least 28 million units. Other experts have suggested that the housing deficit is at least 15 million units. Despite the numerous programs initiated by the Federal Government to address the housing deficit, there has not been much success in closing the gap. Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, China, Brazil and the USA account for more than half of the world’s population, with Nigeria’s population estimated at around 170 million. The continued high growth in population ordinarily means increased economic activities and greater demand for housing units that should keep property developers busy but low purchasing power stunts the property market. Some property development companies find it difficult to sell or rent their properties even when such properties are in prime locations. This conundrum is a result of unmatched realities of income levels and the cost of housing developments. Most houses are simply too expensive to attract enough interest, especially where the buyers cannot access mortgages easily. 

This is why Urban Shelter offers a range of options to fit every pocket. Urban Shelter understands that housing is a basic human need that provides individuals and families with a safe and secure place to live, rest, and carry out their daily activities. Properties built for businesses like markets and malls also ensure sustenance for individuals and families and the nation’s economic growth. Therefore, Access to affordable, decent, and adequate properties is considered a fundamental human right and is essential for individuals and societies to thrive. Urban Shelter keeps up ongoing efforts to tackle the issues surrounding demand while offering beautiful and innovative design options at various locations country-wide, providing home ownership and rental options that buyers can relate to across the nation. Urban Shelter is renowned for its ability to transform dreams into tangible projects as evidenced by its portfolio growth in the over 30 years of its existence. The company exhibits a firm commitment to innovation, excellence, and community engagement; it has established itself as one of the most respected and successful property development firms in Nigeria and beyond.

A lot of factors set Urban Shelter apart from the competition. For starters, the company has an immense reserve of resources and experience, which give it the ability to effectively plan, develop, and manage properties for individuals, private organizations, and state and federal government establishments. With an eye on the future, Urban Shelter has strategically positioned itself to consolidate its activities across Nigeria, Dubai, and the entire West African sub-region. So whether you’re looking to buy a home, start a business, or invest in real estate, working with Urban Shelter is a surefire way to achieve your property development goals. Don’t wait any longer to make your dreams a reality.


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