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The Akpabio slap By Joseph Edgar



Did that woman say she slapped the Honorable Minister, my Minister, Senator and former governor of my State, the Great Goodswill Akpabio? This very colorful character had carried his mercurial self into the Federal Executive Council, voluntarily refusing to recontest his Senatorial seat after suffering uncommon humiliation in the quest.
I always knew that this journey would end up in tragedy. He was an emperor and a viking. He ruled over our state like Emperor Nero, making the other clown, Emperor Bokassa of Central African Republic, who bestrod his poverty ridden country with the ugliness that was only surpassed by his face, look like a saint.
The discipline and ministerial limitations would not seat well with a man that had a free reign on a rich State coffers which he has been alleged to have plundered in a very uncommon way. He worked for the state and turned it into an Eldorado giving his people a dignity they never had hitherto but at a huge prize.
It was only well expected when they rebelled after he had crossed carpet taking the love of his people for granted. His stooge refused to go with him and put up a powerful resistance that saw the godfather upturned and thoroughly embarrassed. As compensation, his task masters made him a Minister, a position where he has just completed his final demystification.

Akpabio went to the ministry with a Plan B. I am really not bothered with the accusations by an obviously frustrated minion. Her pedigree in doubt, her integrity in shatters and her frustration out there for all to see, is really not my issue, but the temerity of an almost obsolete understanding of the rules that make up institutionalized bureaucrazy. Akpabio moved into the ministry like an illiterate, and also like the proverbial cow in a China shop, went ahead to destroy all the delicate glasses, if the allegations by this ‘nobody’ is anything to go by.
Akpabio, shattering all visages of seriousness, dived into the mud by telling us she had four husbands as if that would justify the allegations of a perfidious attempt at looting the nation. The allegations of billions spent by an Interim Management Committee (IMC) under his tutelage remaining unanswered as he struggles to show us the lady’s undergarments. What is wrong with her having four husbands? How does that even begin to answer the questions in her petition?
Akpabio resonates in his stupidity. He stands on a pedestal of infamy embarrassing the Akwa Ibom man. A man that has remained in the periphery of national politics. A man that today is but a ‘houseboy’ in the scheme of things. Once you see Akpabio for what he truly is, you will begin to understand my anger as an Akwa Ibom Man. A man with such uncommon lust for lucre finding himself in the core of things only to muddy himself with these kinds of allegations that will all but consume him. A position that will continue to keep the Akwa Ibom man in his slavish position in the national arena.
He truly deserves that slap

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