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Shina Peller’s Love for Iseyin By Keem Abdul

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Many Nigerians disregard the process of growth, and only yearn for things when they are complete. Nigerians also possess a ‘we never see your hand’ mentality, and this has caused many people to rethink the motive of the man of the people, Honourable Shina Peller—representative of the Iseyin, Kajola, Iwajowa, and Itesiwaju Federal constituents in Oyo state.

Honourable Shina Abiola Peller is typically misconstrued as unassertive, with a rather puritanical outlook, and only fit for the social circle, and many Nigerians perceive him as that tall, light-skinned, nightlife curator and influencer. But, brilliant, audacious, benevolent, and entertainment guru cum politician, are some of the best words that describe the shrewd politician and consummate businessman.

Honourable Shina Abiola Peller is no doubt a force to reckon with in the political and social landscape. He lives the kind of life that generates aspirations amongst not just the Nigerian youths but the general public. Though he does nothing clandestinely, society is frequently left in the perplexity of how he manages to be the centre of attention every time a trending media topic is being discussed both in the political and social circles.

Truth be told, it will be almost impossible not to expect such attention and reputation from the scion of the late veteran magician, Professor Moshood Abiola Peller, who, during his reign, broke boundaries to be internationally recognised as the talented and profound magician from Africa.

While most of the news that makes the rounds about Honourable Shina is nothing but conjecture, his dissentient, youthful nature always projects him as assiduous, while he remains focused on carrying out his national duties at the National House of Assembly.

One can’t argue that only a man such as Professor Peller could have raised a child who would hold similar qualities to supersede his father’s achievements.

A renowned socialite in his right, he was able to substitute the glitz and glamour of Nightlife for politics, and he eventually became an accomplished leader deserving consideration. Even more, his agility and the rate at which he executes his ideas are deserving of emulation.

Born on the 14th of May, 1976, into a Muslim family of Professor Moshood Abiola Peller and Alhaja Silifat of Iseyin local government area in Oyo state, the savvy businessman and politician graduated with a distinction in Chemical Engineering from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management from the same university in 2013.

On completion of his Master’s Degree, Honourable Shina explored the oil and gas sector where he earned himself a name. There, he took the bull by the horn and quickly established himself as a force. Undoubtedly, his training as a chemical engineer must have furnished his ground-breaking success in the industry. He had the required skills to run Aquila Oil and Gas, an indigenous oil company that focuses on providing complete support to projects that involve procurement.

Take into account that the vibrant and adept Engineer, Peller, also overseers of complex real estate projects across the country and globally, through the Aquila Building Projects Limited.

His love for entertainment and desire to create a name within the hospitality industry also birthed Aquila records and Quilox restaurant, bar, and night club respectively. The club prides itself as the most luxurious, sought-after, and preferred late-night hangout for club lovers in Lagos.

On his love for his hometown, Iseyin

If the love for one’s hometown can be termed boundless and genuine, then Honourable Peller would fit perfectly into such phrase and description. Countless activities, gestures, and engagements have proven he is indeed a true and loyal son of Iseyin. The energy he brings to the table and his level of performance seal and solidify this statement. In several interviews, he has recurrently discussed his regular sojourn back home to Iseyin, to inspect the land and propose structural reformation for his community long before he stated his intention to run for a position in the National House of Assembly.

Not one to be shy of his roots, Peller, a proud son of Iseyin, even in the absence of a political office or appointment, had shown keen interest in revitalising and developing his hometown. One of such ambitious occasions was the facilitation of free eye care for indigenes. The program provided reading and medicated glasses for about 200 people after opticians carried out a proper examination on patients. Another altruistic occasion was the construction and implementation of 16 boreholes in his constituency. Not to pass over without giving due recognition to the well-equipped science laboratory and modern library he donated to Ansar- Ud- Deen Grammar School in Iseyin. Shina, in his efforts to establish a well-reformed atmosphere for his people, launched the Shina Ayo Empowerment program (SAEP), with poverty alleviation for the people of Iseyin as its main objective.

In search of a more effective and powerful platform to be of service to his people, he proceeded to join the All Progressive Congress, where he ran and emerged the winner of the primary election for House of Representatives, which also qualified him as a candidate for lseyin/ltesiwaju/Kajola/lwajowa Federal Constituency in the 2019 general election. Likewise, on the 23rd of February 2019, he won the seat for House of Representatives in his constituency and was sworn in as a member of the Nigerian Parliament.

Since his victory in 2019, Honourable Peller has committed himself to running the affairs of his constituency competently. His point of focus is creating impact, which was evident from the moment he assumed office.

To challenge some of the developmental deficits in health care in his constituency, the brilliant lawmaker, in 2021, donated ambulances and supplementary medical equipment to health centres.

Other medical items donated included Weighing scales, Stadiometer, Patient stretchers, and Generator sets.

In another laudable effort to improve agriculture in his constituency, Honourable Peller partnered with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to supply mechanised farming tools, for about one thousand farmers, to enhance agricultural tasks.

He stated that the motive behind the donation stemmed from satisfying some of his campaign promises. He also indicated that the beneficiaries of the tools were only qualified farmers, who would ensure the tools are utilised for the growth of Iseyin and Oyo state in general.

The Ayedero of Yoruba Land loves his hometown so much that he dedicated the celebration of his 45th birthday, on the 13th of May 2021, to the students of the school for the handicapped. In what was dubbed a selfless celebration, Honourable Peller, in his speech, encouraged the students to strive to be the best, adding that they can achieve anything they wished for if they tried.

In an attempt to tackle the issue of illiteracy in his constituency, a quiz competition was organised for public secondary schools across the four local governments.

Still on his benevolent deeds, he has taken upon himself to see to it that the underprivileged children of lost heroic soldiers across his constituency are provided quality education.

Indigenes of Iseyin who are too financially constrained to embark on a pilgrimage to Mecca and Jerusalem, have enjoyed and are still enjoying the support he provides in sponsoring their trips through his philanthropic acts.

I mean, how much more can a man show his love and support for his origin?

To commend and show utmost appreciation for his humanitarian efforts and service in bringing hope to the people of Iseyin, in 2021 the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola, conferred a chieftaincy title on the Honourable. He was, alongside his beautiful wife, Ayobola installed as the Ayedero and Yeye Ayedero of Yorubaland. The title translates to ‘the one who brings prosperity and peace to the land’.

Being a recipient of this venerated chieftaincy title only reflects how well Peller has performed in his constituency and how much progress he has brought to the people of Iseyin.

Undeniably, Honourable Peller is one lawmaker every leader in Nigeria should emulate. He is not your regular politician, and for as long as he continues to tread the path of greatness, the future is his oyster. He is a man of the people and will remain so.

If his love for Iseyin could motivate him to achieve such great strides, then the world should wait to see him shine, demonstrate his prowess, and perform on a bigger platform.

What a man!

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