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Property Mogul, Sujimoto + Actress Juliet Ibrahim; By Keem Abdul



The new star romance we didn’t see coming. Love is in the air;

You know the saying: ‘new decade, fresh start’ and all that jazz, but what better way to step into the mid year of the awkwardly-labelled international panic and social distress than with the buzz of a new romance?

(Almost as good as getting a piece of Lady Gaga’s enigmatic Bad Romance in Vegas, Celine Dion-style. That definitely belongs to our bucket list.)

For one shock new A-list celebrity coupling to happen over this period is a tabloid gossip gift, we’re talking LUXURY real estate big player, Sijibomi Ogundele and the Ghanaian style icon, Actress Juliet Ibrahim.

Apparently the news of their blossoming coupledom slip to some close friends who then let slip to the media but was unconfirmed untill Suji 39, clearly didn’t mind though given he was then spotted walking arm in arm with Juliet 34, through one of his apartment as they both share a passionate Kiss. These are igniting dating rumors after the latter posted a video of them on the Instagram few hours ago.

Sujimoto’s followers seemed to be divided between utter upset over their favorite public figure’s possible romance and happy the pair linked up. “she’s either buying a Sujimoto property or becoming an ambassador, no shake my mind oh cuz I dey reason us”. one  follower perhaps saddened by the news wrote.

Meanwhile another follower wrote “The ship is beautiful”.

Is Juliet Ibrahim  really the woman Property Mogul, Sujimoto want to be stuck with when disaster strikes in freezing weather?

Is Sujimoto off the market?

We all anticipate and keep our eyes out for the big reveal

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