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Peregrino, The Merry Man Laid To Rest… By Keem Abdul



Were an outpouring of eulogies and tears potent enough to rouse the dead,  Claudius Olanrewaju Peregrino would have reconsidered spending a few more days, resurrected for a brief parting repartee before plunging into his eternal sleep.
But death has never been kind or sensitive. Neither does it pretend to care nor distinguish. It snatches where it wants, taking people regardless of age or virtuousness. Death has taken Sir Claudius Olanrewaju Peregrino fondly called Pa Perry the founder of Naira Worth Rentals; a merry man who was down to earth with everyone.
Few days after his sad demise, Sir Claudius Olanrewaju Peregrino’s family and friends unite to appreciate the kernel and towering humaneness of a man  whose life story resonates like a fairy tale, after his exit from the mortal world. The eyes of many were bloodshot and not a few fought back tears. The sun was at its peak; yet, they felt cold and walked with arms akimbo. It’s often said, death, we have since come to accept, is man’s most inevitable end. But when it does happen, it leaves in its trail anguish and sorrow.
Claudius aged 70, died on the 11th of June 2020 at  St Andrew’s hospital in Lagos. He was a retired director in ministry of information for 35 years, founder of Naira worth rentals which birth Napoleon cooling service. He was a member of Lagos Lawn Tennis club and  Ikeja golf club Yoruba Tennis club.
His  burial took place at the Vaults and Gardens cemetery in Lagos state yesterday June 25th.
The service was attended by her family members, inlaws, friends, High Chief Felix Uwawa, Jide Adenekan and many others.
Prayers were offered for the repose of his soul as well as for God’s protection for his children.
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