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Osun Election is won and lost By Oyedeji Kayode

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Osun election is won and lost. Congratulations to the winner.

Democracy is not about winning at times and at all cost, it is about the right and choice of the people. Osun people have made their choice in spite of the imperfection of the process. Some times, you win, some other times you don’t. Democracy is about service, about peoples choice, about majority votes. Majority may not be right at all times, but they determine the winner.

Gov. Oyetola should hold his head high. He has done his best giving the circumstances he found himself and worked. He has been a dignified leader. Osun is a very difficult terrain. You have to make a choice between welfarism and development. Whichever way you go, woe betide you. He has a wall of debt to pull down before he can move forward. That has made his task more daunting than normal.

The Goverment at the top has been disgraceful. With the State of insecurity and the economy, it obvious many voters made rational decision to reject the APC.

How do you vote for a Party that has afflicted your people with unexplainable hunger? How do you vote for a Party that appears helpless while headless roques chase you away from the farm? How do you vote for APC when at your old age, your children are scared to visit you due to fear of being kidnapped? How can you vote for APC when your children, your hope and glory, are at home when they should be in the University learning? Oyetola got that much of votes because people appreciated his genuine and selfless efforts to manage the affairs of the State well.

If I were one of his advisers, I will encourage him to congratulate the winner and assure him of seamless transition. I will discourage him from pursuing any litigation at the Tribunal. In the weeks preceding the election, he looked extremely tired and worn out. There is more to life, good living and happiness than being a Governor. He can be happy outside government and even politics.

The most important thing human being should strive for is happiness. Politics gives power, power gives glamour, attention and recognition.It does not necessarily give or guarantee inner joy and real happiness. It hardly gives fulfillment. Fulfillment is derived from what we do with it. How good we use, how well we apply it. In this case, I think the Governor has done well. He has carried himself well and deserves commendation.

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