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#NigeriaAt59: Making Nigeria Great Is A Collective Responsibility By All – Uduaghan




Immediate Past Governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan, has called on Nigerians and various arms of government to join hands in the task of making Nigeria great.

In an Independence Anniversary message personally signed by the former governor, he said despite many challenges troubling the nation, Nigerians must focus on only the positives in the “quest to be a progressive nation”.

Uduaghan stated that Nigeria is blessed with diversity and a young population, noting that harnessing them will set the country on a path of prosperity.

“Every nation has their manifest challenges. Every great nation we admire has undergone political and socioeconomic pruning to arrive at an enviable position,” he said.

Former Governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan

“Nigeria, 59 years on, has been through a lot -beginning as a thriving economy between 1960-66, interrupted by a devastating civil war within the same decade of attaining full independence, then thirty years of military rule.

“This is the first time we are experiencing twenty years of democracy -the longest civilian rule in our 59-year history. All our challenges notwithstanding, Nigeria is still one big indivisible entity.

“In the face of our challenges, there are still things to be thankful for as a nation. It is better to use this occasion to focus on the things that unite us, while moving away from issues that drag us backward in our quest to be a progressive nation.

“We are a nation blessed with diversity and young population. Harnessing them with a thriving private sector will set us on a path of prosperity and provide the right environment for more investments.

“The task of making Nigeria great is a collective responsibility by all Nigerians. Various arms of Government have their responsibilities, while as citizens, we have ours.

“With a more understanding National Assembly, whose members are ready to work in harmony with the Executive, and the newly formed Economic Advisory Council, full of economic experts, there is hope that we are on the right path to economic recovery as a nation.”

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