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Mohammed Barau Is The New Emir Of Kontagora



Mohammed Barau Kontagora has been appointed the Seventh Emir (Sarkin Sudan) of Kontagora…

He said the selection of the seventh Emir (Sarkin Sudan) of Kontagora was held on Sunday, 19th of September, 2021 in Kontagora by the kingmakers of the Kontagora Emirate, in line with the Customary Laws and Practice of the Kontagora Emirate.

“The kingmakers, during their interaction with the governor, affirmed that the selection followed the Customary Law of Kontagora Emirate and their decision was based on their own conviction without any undue influence.”

“Therefore, in line with the powers vested in the governor under Section 3 subsection (1) of the Chiefs (Appointment and Deposition) Law Chapter 19, Law of Niger State 1989 (as revised) and all other powers enabling him in that behalf, has accepted the selection of and appointed Mohammed Barau Kontagora as the seventh Emir (Sarkin Sudan) of Kontagora Emirate,” he said.

The initial selection process was cancelled following protests by some of the throne contestants.

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