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How Olu of Warri Humbled Erstwhile Ologbotsere Ayiri Emami

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According to close sources, the Olu worked assiduously in mending fences with those aggrieved people with open arms but a faction of the aggrieved people headed by the immediate past Ologbotsere of Warri Kingdom (Traditional Prime Minister) and socialite; Chief Ayiri Emami refused to pay homage to the Olu which according to the tradition all chiefs must submit to the Olu and also pay homage and loyalty to him. Chief Ayiri was of the opinion that; his selection as the Olu is null and void because he does not meet the traditional statutory requirement to be crowned, he refused to pay respect as he held onto his grievances.

In his purview as the King of the kingdom who can give traditional titles and also revoke traditional titles; Olu declared that all chiefs within the kingdom should come back for revalidation of their titles. As they are to submit their traditional paraphernalia and other materials relating to their titles which is also a way to re-screen the chiefs. On the other hand, Chief Ayiri declined to appear before the panel set up by the Olu for reviewing and revalidating chieftaincy matters as he went out parading himself as the traditional prime minister to an Olu he never believed in his selection. This made the monarch make a pronouncement that he ceases to be an Ojoye in the kingdom as his title was declared vacant. Instead of Ayiri doing the needful by embracing peace and moving forward he went on doing his thing.

According to sources; top politicians and top monarchs in the country have tried hard to reconcile Olu and Chief Ayiri in the past but it proved abortive. He later succumbed as he had a private meeting with the Olu at his palace where he finally went to pay homage alongside his supporters. We gathered that the Olu stood his ground that for him to retain his title he must come for revalidation which Ayiri agreed to attend bringing his title paraphernalia to submit to the Olu. At a general assembly on the Aghofen over the week, Olu of Warri spoke to his people on his giant strides in putting the kingdom on the map, while he offered forgiveness to dissidents and other erring subjects of the kingdom in other to move forward the kingdom for peace and harmony to reign. It was time for revalidation, Chief Ayiri came out, paid homage by kneeling down before the King, and submitted his beads and swords which automatically means he has relinquished the Ologbotsere title according to tradition. In his magnanimous nature; Olu offered Ayiri the Title of Eyeku of Warri Kingdom a title once held by his late father Chief Akonu Emami but Ayiri declined the title saying its either the Ologbotsere or nothing. Ogiame also advised Ayiri that to have the Ologbotsere title, he will need to follow due process by climbing the ladder again by meeting the requirements but he declined and the Olu thanked him for all he has done for the kingdom and asked him to sit in the congress but Ayiri stormed out of the palace in the company of his aggrieved people. Using his prerogative as the King; he immediately elevated the Aboludero of Warri Kingdom Chief Oma Eyewuoma, Deputy Director at Conoil as the new Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom and gave him his blessings.

Some sources disclosed that; Ayiri averred that the paraphernalia he submitted to the king was fake but palace sources disclosed that the King does not need the Bead and Uda to confer the title. “The last person who and the title before Ayiri is Chief Rewane. He didn’t give his beads and swords to Ayiri. The Uda and Beads used by the immediate Past Olu Ikenwoli to bless Ayiri as Ologbotsere were new. So the King Proclamation is final. That’s why he is called Afomasin, Afowere-tsewere; Ayiri is not a Chief in Warri Kingdom.”   The Olu is a wise King. Chief Ayiri wants to benefit from what he does not believe in. The Olu is not at war with him, but he is after due process and anyone who must hold the Warri traditional title must be a person with unquestionable character, loyal to the kingdom and must be a worthy ambassador.” A close source disclosed.

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