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FBI Arrests Forbes-featured Young Nigerian ‘Billionaire’ Over $11million Wire Fraud



Invictus group

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI has arrested young Nigerian ‘billionaire’, Obiwanne Okeke over wire fraud.

The FBI arrested Okeke over conspiracy to commit a fraud running into $12million.

This was disclosed in an affidavit made available to the press on Friday, August 15, by Marshall Ward, a special agent employed by the United States Department of Justice.

Okeke’s arrest came after complaints from officials of Unatrac Holdings about being victimised in the fraud.

The case, which was reported in 2018 indicted Okeke, who chairs a company, the Invictus Group as doing illegal funds transfer of up to $11million from Unatrac’s account.

The Chief Finacial Officer (CFO) of the company laid complaints to the FBI who has since begun investigation before its eventual clampdown on Okeke. The CFO’s login details into his Office365 account was fraudulently gotten as the official thought he was providing details to the right quarters. This however was being used by an individual who logged into the CFO’s personal account 464 times through Internet Protocol (IP) access from Nigeria. This happened between April 6 and April 20, 2018.

The intruder (Okeke) prepared fake invoices and sent messages to the company’s internal financial team requesting for funds to purchase nonexistent things.

For many of the invoices, the intruder sources for contents in the CFO’s own account such as Unatrac logos and perfected invoice structures.

Aware that invoices usually comes from outside the company, Okeke sent an external email to the CFO’s account which was now in his stead and forwarded same email to the internal finacial team.

Invictus group


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The FBI in its affidavit also said investigations found out that through his email, Okeke had defrauded a company, Red Wing Shoe company of $108,470.55. The Special agent in charge of the case, Ward said he contacted the company and they confirmed the fraud they fell victim of.

Okereke was listed by Forbes in 2018 as one of Forbes Under-30 to celebrate his purported entrepreneurial success. He was also listed as one of Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs in 2016.

He holds a Bachelors and a master’s degree (MA) in International Relations and Counter-Terrorism (cum laude) from Monash University, Australia.

He has businesses established across various sectors in different countries of Africa through his Invictus group.



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