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There is absolutely nothing new about industry beefs and cold wars between celebrities in the same industry. However, the comedy industry has been one of the most stable and communal; having their own beefs and wars in the most hush hush manner. But nothing is ever completely hidden, especially when actions are taken upon those ill thoughts.
It Is common knowledge that Julius Agwu has been staging his comedy show “crack ya ribs” in London for almost a decade now. And so, it should be shocking that his fellow industry veteran, Ali Baba, has decided to host his show in London as well and at the same time as Julius’. Both events slated for this weekend, have the veterans jostling for the attention of the same target audience.


This is doubtless a huge blow to Julius Agwu’s dying career. Over the years, especially after his illness, the comedian has struggled to keep his career going and maintain relevance. Some would argue that even before his illness, he had already begun to lose relevance, as his career was only supported by former governor Rotimi Ameachi and that the illness was just the last straw that broke the back of the proverbial camel.


While Ali Baba gains more respect from younger comedians, it appears that Julius is gradually being relegated to the background. It is still unknown in clear details the beef between the veterans that has Julius bickering about Ali Baba’s event at the Indigo O2 arena clashing with his.

According to a source, their beef steams from Julius’ arrogance and inability to recognize Ali Baba as his superior in the entertainment business. Whether Julius’ recognizes Ali Baba or not, it is clear that he feels intimidated by Ali Baba’s show at the 02 Arena as a close associate divulged to SOCIETY REPORTERS that he has fears that the industry father is trying to disgrace him.

It is also a matter of interest that Ali Baba who loves to depict the image of industry father to other comedians would be callous enough to fix his event on the same day as Julius’.

According to another source, Julius’ beef extends to AY who had been a helper to him during his illness but whom he had reportedly ignored afterwards. The love between AY and Ali Baba might also be the reason for his cold attitude towards AY.

It would seem that Julius Agwu is on the verge of a dying career and Ali baba has made it his mission to help things along smoothly.

As the story unfolds we would be here to keep you informed.


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