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In recent times, Nigeria has witnessed the rise of gigantic minds in the business world and Dr. Taiwo Olayinka Afolabi, a Nigerian-born business Magnate and Lawyer has proved that business is of ultimate importance to him.

His interest in the business world, coupled with determination, hard work and consistency, has ensured the rapid movement of his business empire from the roots to the apex and has helped him retain prominent roles in diverse sectors of the Nigerian economy.

As a result of year’s of experience, The billionaire Dr. Taiwo O. Afolabi who is currently the Executive Vice Chairman of Sifax Group, has skillfully spun the coin of his once little organization into a multinational partnership with deep seeds planted in the soils of aviation, logistics, maritime,  haulage, financial services, oil & gas and recently, hospitality.

In the year 2018, The billionaire had all hands on deck to start the hotel positioned in Ikeja GRA, Lagos, although the foundation was already laid four years back in  2014.   After investing billions of naira into setting up the project of a  251-room world-class luxury hotel sitting on a 7,000 square metre area of land, the business tycoon became nervous as the hotel project was dragging in his own opinion, This eagerness was caused by the circulation of the news then that a certain banking mogul has gotten the license to erect another Marriot in a different affluent part of Lagos too. However, from a glance at the present, it is apparent that Dr.  Afolabi is living in bliss and peace of mind.

Report has it that the business magnate is relaxing presently as his ambition of implementing the first full Marriot franchise in Nigeria has come to a realization. Just as he has been known for in other sectors of the Nigerian economy, Dr. Afolabi is competent and keen on entering the hospitality industry confidently with the final fruition of his Jaw-dropping seven-floor enormous, architectural sensational luxury hotel seated across two streets in the polished vicinity of Ikeja GRA.

The forthcoming imperial opening of the hotel which is scheduled for April 2021 promises to bring all the elegances and appraisals to the feet of Dr Afolabi.

The  Ogun State-born billionaire is prepared to use his mass of knowledge, experience and managerial tactfulness in maintaining a substantial ground in the hospitality sector by operating the international hotel trademark and making Nigerians, and visitors likewise, find all the ecstasy and comfort they get from the Western world right here in Lagos, Nigeria.

Conclusively, The life and achievements of Dr. Taiwo Olayinka Afolabi has proved the saying that “Determination is the bridge between goals and accomplishments”.

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