Alaibe to supporters: I will speak in 48 hours ‘to ensure Bayelsa people have the governor they deserve’


The ‘Timi Alaibe Campaign Organisation has observed that since the declaration of the results of the Peoples Democratic Party primary election for the governorship of Bayelsa State, our teeming supporters have been left without clear and precise information as to the next step to be taken by our Principal, Chief Ndutimi Alaibe, in search of justice in what was generally seen as a deliberate adulteration of due process in the conduct of the primary election.

We thank our supporters and the good people of Bayelsa State for their unprecedented support (evidenced by dead silence in the State on Wednesday September 4, 2019), peaceful conduct and patience since the unacceptable election result was announced last week. We apologise for the vacuum created by our silence which has given rise to various speculations planted in the media by those who masterminded the injustice in order to confuse the people.

Be assured that this evil act against the wish of the people of Bayelsa State, carried out by a handful of selfish people who decided to play god by arrogating to themselves the unrighteous act of imposing their personal decisions on us, will not go unchallenged. At the end, Bayelsa people—who are in the majority—will have their way.

As it is traditional in matters of this kind, we needed to carry out due consultation across board with our supporters; particularly the stakeholders—including our vibrant youth and women—before taking any step or embarking on any decision in search of redress or alternatives. We are almost at the end of the necessary consultations.

However, let it be stated that Chief Alaibe has not joined any political party as bandied in the media. He is still a loyal member of the PDP despite being bombarded by requests and offers of opportunity by other political parties. That decision has not been taken. Any speculation to the contrary remains what it is — mere speculation.

Conscious of the deadlines provided in both the Electoral Acts and the PDP Constitution regarding any action deemed necessary on matters of this nature, we have decided that whatever needs to be done must be done fast.
We are appealing to our supporters to remain calm as it would be made known within the next 48 hours, a necessary action that will ensure that Bayelsa people have the governor they deserve, in the person of Chief Alaibe.

Thank you and God bless you.


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