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A Masterclass on Life-Work Balance: The Femi Otedola Example – By Keem Abdul



Mike Otedola

Not many men who attain success are able to retain the simple things that really make living worthwhile. Often in the quest for riches and because human wants are insatiable, people often get caught in the web of constantly chasing illusory wealth that they never truly get. That pursuit often comes at the expense of family and loved ones, and in some cases, physical and mental health as well. Work-life balance can seem like a fable especially as we see humans lose their humanity as they engage in the “rat race”.From among the class of the visibly wealthy, the equilibrium which billionaire Femi Otedola seems to effortlessly achieve in balancing his duties as husband and father in addition to successfully managing his business interests is commendable. Many rich people who suffer on the home front often go to elaborate lengths to create the illusion that all is well. Quite often though, even the most expensive PR campaigns they pay for will fail and then the public gets to see things fall apart as families feud. Happily married to his sweetheart Nana and evidently blessed to be the father of four lovely children by her, Femi Otedola is an inspiration to many and not just because they desire to become billionaires like him. His wife and children are dear to his heart and unlike a lot of men in his position, he does not downplay his affection for them. In fact, he celebrates them publicly and privately and it is easy to tell that it is not an act put up for the benefit of the viewing public. Even when traveling around the world on business, he often makes stops to see his children wherever they are and it’s not just because he has the luxury of his own Gulfstream private jet. Be it his fashion designer and blogger daughter Temi or his superstar DJ daughter whom the world knows as “DJ Cuppy”, or his son Fewa or his premier daughter Christine, all his children enjoy his love and backing to be the best they can be at their chosen careers and endeavors. Perhaps it is the strength he draws from the quality time he spends with his family that enables him to reinvent himself constantly and make sound business investments or divestments as the case may be. Whatever it is, Femi Otedola is evidently a man at peace with himself, which is something that cannot be said for many “rich” people. A regular feature on Forbes “rich lists”, he is unperturbed by how high or lows his ranking may be among the world’s super-rich. He is a professing Christian and from his values, one can tell that he is a God-fearing man who enjoys divine guidance and the wisdom to make uncanny but ultimately sound, profitable business decisions. He recently sold his controlling stake in Forte Oil to Prudent Energy and was compensated with hundreds of millions of dollars. His current focus is in the power sector and in the refining of petroleum products, similar to his bosom friend and fellow billionaire Aliko Dangote. It’s amazing to watch the man take calculated risks at different points in his life and be rewarded with phenomenal results.

Femi Otedola is not just a billionaire who only cares about his immediate family. He is quite the understated philanthropist yet the goodness of his heart is felt by thousands of people. This past February, he redeemed a pledge of about $100,000 had he made in December 2018 to pay for the medical treatment of veteran actor Victor Olaotan who had been in a ghastly auto accident in 2016 and was at risk of having both his legs amputated. A GoFundMe campaign had previously been created to raise the funds with which to pay for the ailing actor but very little was raised. Apparently, acclaimed veteran actor Richard Mofe Damijo then reached out to Femi Otedola and he gave his word to intervene. Thanks to the generosity of Femi Otedola, Victor Olaotan will now receive the much-needed but expensive neuro-rehabilitation treatment to save his legs, his life and indeed his ability to work as an actor and fend for his family. Reports attest to the fact that this was not a one-off display from Mr. Otedola as he has discreetly been intervening like this for many years.

A man like that surely deserves the finer things of life and he knows how to treat himself to the very best. This March he was in Geneva, Switzerland for a mini skiing vacation and he was spotted at the Geneva International Motor Show. Unconfirmed reports whisper that he paid for one of the best cars from this year’s edition of the globally renowned motor exhibition, the Klassen Maybach 2019. Femi Otedola is a man who understands the importance of rest and relaxation, so much so that every year he takes three months off to go on vacation towards the end of the year. Evidently, he returns fresher, better and stronger, not just to make more money but to be a better father to his children and husband to his loving wife, Nana. Money may indeed make the world go round but it’s the kind of heart that Femi Otedola has that keeps balance in our families.

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